Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo

Quality Assurance


We take responsibility for all MEP Technical and Quality assurance for the project. 


With over 15 years' industry experience, our MEP consultancy provides services to developers, mechanical and electrical contractors and commissioning businesses in London and across the South.

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MEP quality assurance responsibilities we cover:

  • Confirm and manage the MEP Design and assurance requirements with subcontractors and supply chain.

  • Creating and implementing a technical assurance regime for the project.

  • Recording of changes, design configuration control and design decisions.

  • Capturing design approvals, demonstration of capability, acceptance of equipment and operability.

  • Leading reviews and collating evidence.

  • Providing progress reports to consultants.

  • Maintain procedures, competence levels and systems for assurance management as used by the project.
  • Programme the Delivery of Assurance Documentation / Deliverables.

  • Provide clear concise Handover files capturing all Technical Documentation.